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7:29 AM on August 22, 2018 by [email protected]


7:10 AM on August 22, 2018 by [email protected]


6:42 PM on August 5, 2018 by [email protected]


Downloads music club Dj's, mp3 private server.

Private FTP Music/Albums/mp3 1990-2018:

Plan A: 20 EUR - 200GB - 30 Days

Plan B: 45 EUR - 600GB - 90 Days

Plan C: 80 EUR - 1500GB - 180 Days


7:08 PM on January 25, 2013

Sorry for the e-mail blast that went out a few days ago, I have since removed the offending member and tightened up my security for inviting and accepting new members. Please continue to visit and enjoy our site


4:35 PM on June 9, 2012

Thank you for your inquiries. Unfortunately we have no t-shirts right now. We are working on a new CD which will have "Blame it on Buffet". It will be posted here when it is ready.


3:27 PM on June 9, 2012 by [email protected]

Hey dude, I was on youtube looking for Kelly McGuire and I came across your song "blame it on buffett". Love it dude. Where or when can I buy it? Matter of fact, I named my boat "Blame it on Buffett"

George & Jody

9:42 AM on June 25, 2011 by [email protected]


Small world, damend small world in fact., Your cousin Ben W the III, my wife Jody and me all went to Humboldt. I knew someone in our large circle of college camping buddies (annnual reunion campout for the last 35 years ) had a relative in Belize but I couldnt remember who or where. Jody and I were in Bleize twice since January and on the second trip bought a place on South Coconut beyond the water tower.

During that stay we were using the Blue Tang as our real estate headquarters. At night after the days work we would walk to the Park along the beach for a bacon dog, beans & rice or pupusas. Often times we'd stop sit for a few drinks at various bars and on several occasions they were where you were playing. In fact you were playing at about every place we stopped on various nights and that was noteworthy to us. I take that its a small job market? ;) Naturally at the time we had no idea who you were other than just a working gig band obviously plugging away night in and night out.

Anyway we were joking with our camping crew through bulk emails last night discussing the messed up campground up in Tahoe that we were stuck at this year. After a bit I just said fuck this dump of a campground and threw out a whiney email with a link to our place on Ambergris asking if we couldnt just go there instead. Got an email back from Ben this mornig saying oh by the way I have a cousin living on AC. Well I'll be hornswoggled, so I checked BW the III's link to here and when I saw your picture , I was of course double hornswoggled. So here we are, another intersection in the universe. Look forward to meeting in person, drop a line back when your not gigging a living.

George & Jody

Carl Swanson

11:59 AM on December 31, 2009 by [email protected]

Below is a link to a 5 minute video of

San Pedro


5:39 PM on November 23, 2009

Hey Sherry, nice site. I put up some pix from our scuba trips, as well as some adventure pix from Greece and the Burn. Looking forward to how this develops.